Why Karate?

The 21st century has brought us the Hi-Tech revolution. While it made our lives easier in some respects, it had a negative effect on our active life.

With computers, internet and gaming physical inactivity preveales over our lives. Type II diabetes is seen for the first time in the human history among school children. Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. Rise to predisposition to cardiovascular diseases is becoming alarming. Today, ten to twelve years old already have 1 to 2 risk factors associated with the heart disease.

Knowing that all sports and exercise have a positive effect and can reverse the process health deterioration, you can ask yourself:

Why should I choose Karate?

  • Simply because only Karate in it's program of learning emphasizes and promotes the values of Discipline, Respect and Confidence.

Why Karate Club Eagle?

  • We are the only karate club in Canada that has 11 instructors that graduated from internationally acclaimed Dr. Stricevic's Karate Instructor Program (Dr.S'sKIP). This university based program, located in Brooklyn, New York, was established in 1983 and is offered in affiliation with the Long Island University School of Continuing Studies.