Our Programs

Our custom-tailored programs promote physical fitness and a practical method of self-defense. The physical aspects of your training will improve balance, endurance, range of motion, coordination, flexibility, and stamina. The mental aspects of your training will develop self-respect, confidence, awareness, and focus.

Our Future - Level 1

Program for children ages 5 to 7.

This program fosters growth, development, body management and useful physical skills. Using games, exercise and karate skills children will enhance their level of physical growth.

Our Future - Level 2

Program for children ages 8 to 10.

This program is about understanding and appreciating the human movement. Children will learn to lead an active lifestyle. It will provide opportunities for enjoyable play activities.

Our Future - Level 3

Program for children ages 11 to 14.

This program fosters intellectual growth, personal and social development and helps attain positive self-image. Students will be participating in guided tournament competitions.

Role Models

Program for individuals ages 15 to 35.

This program provides am opportunity for the students to compete in different tournaments. The program was designed to promote self-esteem.

Wellness & Quality of Life

Program for individuals 36 and older.

This program will promote muscle strength, flexibility, ballance and coordination. These strengths will slow down signs of aging signifficantly, as demonstrated by scientific research.