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Karate Club Eagle offers:

Programs for children.

Programs for individuals of all ages.

Programs for Tournament competitors.

Modern sports Karate.

Traditional art of self defense.

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Help Your Kids Build Self Esteem and Confidence!

Our Lil' Eagles Program Delivers it All!

Programs for kids from 5 - 15 years old.

Emphasis on learning new skills through the use of FUN games.

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We teach discipline, respect, confidence...every day!

Our Club

Karate Club Eagle Dojo was established in Mississauga , Ontario in 1994.

It remains one of the most well known and respected schools of Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do in the Canada and is one of the few schools that continues to teach pure Traditional Japanese Karate-do in the Traditional Japanese way.

We have 11 instructors that graduated from the prestigious and internationally acclaimed karate instructor program.

We teach on teh basis of modern-day physical education and sport sciences, focusing on the age, level of technical skill and gender of our students...Learn more.